3rd Annual USKSF North Regional Tournament – May 3, 2008

teamphotoMadison2008The UW Bak Shaolin Eagle Claw Kung Fu team made its second appearance at the annual USKSF North Regional tournament in Madison, Wisconsin.



Forms divisions:

Men’s Northern forms: Beginner
– 1st place: Joe Esquibel
– 3rd place: Ken Rozenkranz

Men’s Northern forms: Intermediate
– 1st place: Michael Bowler
– 2nd place: Ryan West
– 3rd place: Adam Tomasik

Fighting divisions:

Men’s Light Contact Sparring: Lightweight
– 1st place: Ken Rozenkranz

Men’s Light Contact Sparring: Middleweight
– 3rd place: Joe Esquibel

Men’s Light Contact Sparring: Heavyweight
– 1st place: Ryan West
– 4th place: Adam Tomasik

Eagle Claw Kung Fu sports club at the University of Wisconsin, Madison